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first post of the year

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Jan. 6th, 2008 | 10:11 pm

its been awhile again, new entry of the year!

Lets see where to start;;

- been to japan for 2 weeks, had an awesome time with lives and going around everywhere in tokyo
- got to see Luna Sea live, that alone was well worth the trip itself.. very overwhelming
- lining up to see Luna Sea next to vidoll was super random XDXD Jui was right next to me the entire time! Kiku shook hands with Rame lol
- having to see Girugamesh, 12012, sadie, and ayabie on new years was super awesome :D
- shopping is fucking insane, spending like theres no limit (tho i didnt buy that much stuff as a certain krazy person, but i was satisfied)

and best of all,

- got to see Rei, Cherie, Miyuki, and Kazu in Japan :D havent seen them in ages and i missed them all like crazy!
- spending some quality time with friends made this trip a memorable one for me, thank you all <3

As for yesterday...

- got a lot of lovely happy birthday message from friends <3
- tho i went to work the next day when i got back to japan, i went straight to the new Justin Davis store in HK and went to heaven *___*
- got myself the palace crown ring i always wanted, and also the skull crown hoop
- manager was super nice that i was a JD fan, so he gave me a special gift with a Justin Davis pin and two chain brooch <3
- Came out the store a super happy man, whoever said money cant buy u happiness.. DOESNT KNOW WHERE TO SHOP WAHAHA
- went to dinner with friends at the bar, super spontenous moments ensured lol
- went home a bit tipsy and happy ^^

As for today...

- went to work like everyday, tho today was officially my birthday
- got treated for lunch with pizza and fried chicken XD
- got off work, headed for dinner with my grandpa and uncles.. during the way there, I SAW JANICE MAN AT THE MTR STATION!!!!
- super surprised, i yelled out HEY JANICE MAN! while she was looking up some cosmetic stuff, she turned around and waved at me with a smile <333333333333333333333333 totally made my day
- uncle and grandpa gave me money for birthday (thats always nice to have!)
- Super full after dinner, decided to go for a walk after the train.. got a few birthday calls too ^^

thats about it, its been a great new year start for me~ pictures will come soon, as soon as i get my lazy ass in uploading! XD

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from: anonymous
date: Feb. 16th, 2010 09:36 am (UTC)

hi,I love justin davis and I want to buy palace crown ring as well, any chance you can post pictures or email to me, please.

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